A book I wrote from November 5th-November 28th, 2008 for National Novel Writing Month.


So it just so happens that I decided to write a book this month. Unfortunately I started out with a five-day handicap, so I really had to hunker down and type like a maniac, forgoing heavy drink and long phone conversations. But, after suffering through a major bout of writer's block this week, I made it. I'd just like to give a few caveats for those of you brave enough to try to give it a read. First of all, I can't seem to get the formatting to work correctly on this website. (It's free. I shouldn't complain.) So I apologize for it looking like a technical manual. If only I could indent and make the paragraphs look like real paragraphs, and have the right amount of blank space between things, and the * symbols be centered where they should be, I just know it would be a much better book, at least to look at. Secondly, just be aware that it is a rough draft and I wrote it at breakneck speed, so if things seem kind of bare bones at times, and if there are some, or a lot, of typos, or something on page 46 doesn't make sense because of something on page 7, well, it's most likely because I haven't even looked at the thing since I started it. I just wrote fast and hoped it all would work out in the end. That being said, I dare anyone to find any errors in the text. In fact, I challenge you to. And just to encourage and maybe increase my readership, I am offering a free pitcher of beer good at any bar in San Francisco to the first person who finds at least 20 typos.  And also a free pitcher will go to the first person to find at least 5 instances of any continuity problem (e.g., characters names not matching up, things happening that are impossible based on previous things that have happened, names and dates and time not being consistent, um, stuff like that). I'd also like to buy a drink for anyone who finishes reading the book. I guess I'll have to use the honor system on that one. Well, I'll be reading along too. Hope it doesn't take as long to read as it did to write. And as always, I appreciate any feedback, no matter what it is. You can email me or just write a note on the website to me. I think you can anyway. Well, happy reading. Hope to be giving away those pitchers of beer soon. 
---dc  Nov. 28, 2008